Album artwork for Trying to Read The Sky

Trying to Read The Sky Martha Rose

Release date: July 17, 2021
Cat No: DIBACH49
Barcode: 4250101433955
Digital Single
»It Doesn’t Matter«, released today, is the final song from Martha Rose’s new EP »Trying to Read The Sky«. The EP is a collection of five songs, including two which were previously unreleased. The EP is the first work that Martha Rose produced alone, with a little guidance from her old friend and mentor Ben (Grip Tight) and the sensitive mastering of Enyang Urbiks.

The EP is a combination of covers and original songs, reflecting Martha’s desire to go back into the comfort of childhood memory (»The Next Time«) and English folk song (»The Blacksmith Courted Me«).

In the second half of the EP, Rose’s lyrics emerge with a heart-tugging combination of deadpan and deep, tentatively joining the voices of the DX7.

»It Doesn’t Matter« is an ode to the constellation of Orion, observed in a slightly different place in the sky every evening on Martha’s walk home from the studio. »I recorded this song in a kind of trance induced by the depths of winter. The snow was settling in, the canals were frozen, the moon was huge, and Orion seemed to look down at me every night, telling me not to worry about my little human problems – none of it mattered. I felt a deep sense of tenderness, alongside loneliness. I was grappling with strange emotions, swinging between a soft and comforting nihilism, and my determination to love myself, love others, and appreciate all the wonders of the cosmos.«

The animation loop for »It Doesn’t Matter« was made by Allen Paisley, featuring a little star child alone in the universe, dancing to its favourite song on cassette tape.

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