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Tryshasia Secede

Cat No: LPS-PS02
Barcode: 4062548019261
28,90 €
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Originally released in 2005, "Tryshasla" is the second "Perennial" series release and was the second studio album by Dutch producer Secede. This classic album is one of our favourites and we are enormously proud to be able to reissue it on vinyl for the first time. Lennard van der Last, better known in electronic music circles as Secede, has always remained an elusive character, preferring to prioritise to his work in the studio. Although "Tryshasla" is unanimously heralded as his finest work, throughout his career Lennard has continually demonstrated his unique ability in producing venerated musical pieces. Upon its original release on CD by Dutch label Sending Orbs, "Tryshasla" immediately became a benchmark album and featured in many independent lists of that year. Lapsus Records is bestowed with the honour of pressing this masterpiece in a collector format: a double tricolor vinyl pack, remastered by Xavier Alarc?n and accompanied by a lithographic original art print from illustrator Jeroen Advocaat. "Tyshasla" continues to sound as current and relevant as ever. It is an album with a powerful ambient spirit, replete with micro-passages in which field recordings and piano phrasing form its core sound, but which also include styles such as IDM, drum and bass and even trip-hop. As if this were not enough, Reimer Eising -aka our beloved label contributor Kettel- collaborates on one of the albums integral tracks, "Leraine".

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