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Twenty Tapan

Cat No: Malka Tuti 0032
Barcode: 4250101440434
13,50 €
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2020, a year that will be forever engraved in our memories as Year One of the Covid debacle.

So much has already been said about it that we feel there is no need for more.

However, 2020 was also the year when we’ve released Tapan’s remix to Decha’s song Niebla from her sold-out debut album Hielo Boca as part of MT0028 Decha - Hielo Boca Remixes. This remix led to a fresh collaboration between the Serbian duo and the German vocalist, which in time bred a brand new track, titled simply TWENTY.

On Twenty, Tapan’s massive bass lines, heavy kicks and their sense for drama and epicness, meets Viktoria Wehrmeister aka Decha’s soft poetic lyrics and tribal style. The result is a massive slow yet heavy tribal industrial track for the alternative dance floors and late night situations in dark dark basements.

The record is comprised of 4 tracks, an original version and a beatless version as well as a deep and trippy dancehall interpretation by our favourite remixers Full Circle (aka Joakim & Alexis Le-Tan) and a punky mid-tempo banger by Mexican maestro and total inspiration Rebolledo who gives his signature sonic attitude to his interpretation of the original track.

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