Album artwork for U Still Coming Over?

U Still Coming Over? Lucky Charmz



Release date: June 13, 2016
Cat No: LHLT006
Barcode: 4250101425431
7,20 €
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It’s a no-vocals-required anthem, rich in texture and yet subtly enchanting. While Faceless Goat is probably best enjoyed blasted out to vast, scenic landscapes on mediterranean costs from the terrace of a ancient estate, it is also tried and tested for “Vorzech”, houseparties and—of course—any club scenario (it won’t fail you). We cannot help but to notice that “Latency Jam”’s stoic groove recalls the jungle books’s march of the elephants, it’s spacey synth madness points to outer space and, well, did we mention that It’s super funky? Yes, it’s a funky spacewalk towards jupiter with your awesome, intergalactic elephant friends. Sonically charming with it’s rapid fire hi-hat’s, bubblegumspongecake melodies and zapping space laser’s, that’ve all trickled out of a Nord Lead Young Lucky once laid hands on, “Latency Jam” will also never let you down. On the flip we find “Waffle Cut”, yet another sun-oozing Lucky Charmz tune. Captivating trickle-down arpeggios radiate warmth, while soft pads sooth you into hypnosis. It’s a bit like staring at the big yellow in the sky for too long—you get all frizzy, drizzy and a little silly. All this joy is held together by some infectious clap-along drums and a rumbling synth bass [txt from ]

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