Album artwork for Ubi EP

Ubi EP Mia Mendi & Thomas Gandey

Release date: August 27, 2021
Barcode: 4250101435768
12,80 €
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Since kicking off their production partnership during lockdown last year, UK duo Mia Mendi and musical polymath Thomas Gandey (aka Cagedbaby) have enjoyed a fruitful link up; a Beatport no.1 with ‘Cultum’ released on Mia Mendi’s new imprint hydera, a stunning cut on Stil Vor Talent’s Schneeweiß compilation followed by an impressive debut EP on Los Suruba’s Nazca Records titled ‘Paracas’. Now they’ve stepped up for a maiden label offering on Watergate. ‘Ubi’ is a trio of aces that reinforces why this musical union is turning all the right heads. The title track is seductive and punchy, driven by a snaking groove and an intriguing top-line melody, complimented by Gandey’s on-point vocals. ‘ Gatekeeper’ brings atmosphere in spades as an underbelly of acid and crisp rolling beats keep tempo, before the forest clears and Gandey’s yearning vox comes into focus as luscious pads swirl in the mist. ‘ Nightliner’ is the sexy closer and distinctly ‘80s in spirit, as racey synths and a plump bottom end dominate the show.

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