Album artwork for Uluz EP

Uluz EP Medusa Odyssey

Release date: August 28, 2020
Cat No: Connected 063 D
Barcode: 4250101420436
Digital Single
Connected 063 D
Medusa Odyssey have created their distinctive & unique. Brand of live electronic performances. True musicians at heart, they create tneir own improvised music in their sets , producing it live with synthesizers, electric guitar,flutes , vocals and a drum machine. Both hailing from Argentina, Medusa Odyssey have now been living & working in Ibiza for many years.Their music, deephouse with a melodic tribal feel , is heavily influenced by their South American roots. A welcome debut on connected with some organic vibes to heal the mind and body. Also including a special remix from the very talented ‘veteran’ left field /world /dub/electronic producer Megablast,a perfect pairing.

ULUZ A subdued arpeggio groove announces the start of a new day with rising shakers and wood blocks towards the introduction of a most beautiful bassline crossing the tracks between the vintage funk of MFSB and the score from Bladerunner. The groove kicks back in joined by a chorus of warrior chants and the sequenced hypnosis grows with added snares.The bassline metamorphoses in the breakdown with more chanting and synth surges and rises. Enchanting.

ALMA VUELA — An angular spacious rhythm made of congas and synth drums creates a musical backdrop with cascading xylophone notes joined by a spoken word talkover , almost like a guide taking us through some mountain pass to reach our village . The flute starts to play and improvise as we reach higher ground. This track musically describes a distant place.

ULUZ (MEGABLAST REMIX) — A pensive sequencer creates the atmosphere around sensitively paced percussive sounds , drones and and lush rising notes and textures. Megablast re-imagines the bass in a more groove oriented manner so the track grows and breathes , advances and retreats , rather than changing. Like looking at a landscape of growth and decay or sunrise and sunset. Subtle and disarmingly hypnotic.

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