Album artwork for Unani Pendeza EP

Unani Pendeza EP Urmet K

Release date: September 1, 2023
Cat No: Connected 131
Barcode: 4250101461392
Digital Single
Connected 131
Estonian-native Urmet K has steadily established himself as a firm fixture on London’s underground circuit. Blurring the lines between hypnotic and emotive house melodies. His music often features hefty grooves, intricate organic percussive passages as well introspective synth arrangements that have been supported by key players like Black Coffee, Themba and Pablo Fierro.

Opener 'Unani Pendeza' Ft. BAQABO is Afro house infused with spiritual synths and whimsical melodies. It's one for late-night lovers, with the beautiful vocals and meaningful pads casting a fine spell on all who hear it. 'Sweat' is just as physically charged, this time with layer upon layer of loose percussion, swaying drums and keys that rain down from the heavens. Angelic vocal chants arrive next to bold minor chords to enrich the groove yet further and complete the magical atmosphere.

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