Album artwork for Unforgettable Times

Unforgettable Times Mollono.Bass / Kombinat 100

Release date: June 4, 2021
Cat No: 3000° 100 D
Barcode: 4250101427565
Digital Single
3000° 100 D
Catalogue number 100. No big deal, one could argue - after all 3000Grad strives to deliver 100 percent with each and every release. But well, of course this round anniversary is quite an appropriate reason to get all weepy-eyed and to look back into the golden light of memory. What is it Mollono.Bass and Marc Vogler glimpse there? Unforgettable Times, obviously. With its undertone of sweet melancholia and distinctly ecstatic vibes this tune is made to cause exactly those moments of blissful rapture it was inspired by. Which brings us to yet another 100, namely Kombinat100. In celebration of the special occasion they share one of their previously unreleased hits that was skimmed right from the boiling point of their legendary live sets. Whatever T.T.Z.T. actually stands for - it clearly has to do with earthy, dubby, deep and playful danceability.

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