Album artwork for Unguarded 2 – Entangled

Unguarded 2 – Entangled Various Artists

Release date: October 8, 2021
Cat No: UGD-003
Barcode: 4250101436888
Digital Album
“Unguarded 2: Entangled”, Unguarded’s third album offering, out on oct 8th, comes as another compilation release. 20 of Unguarded’s friends and peers are contributing, entangling their unique artistic marks into a sprawling sonic miasma.

As with Unguardeds previous releases, an exact categorization into genre is hard: Earth-shattering club cuts like Miss Jay’s metal influenced “DTGDTGDTG”, P.A. Hülsenbeck’s equally elegant and bouncy “Misnomer”, Herxorcismos’ mesmerizing, machine-learning informed “Borderless Drums” and Kloxii’s spiraling “Innonce Undone” are juxtaposed to more ambient cuts, Sébastien Forresters riveting “Artourn” which sounds akin to an awakening of nature forces, Lars Greve’s sublime, whispery “Mire” - and everything inbetween, like Bora’s hybrid pop on “Vein Armor”, deep sonic exploration on Abigail Toll’s “Opaque realm” and Trustfall’s introspective acoustic blossoming “Abercrombie Blue” or Core Self’s yearning and erupting “Red Waves, Cruel Earth”. We also see contributions by experimental pop artist Xanah, Berlin’s Marshall Vincent, mutants mixtape founder Maiolica, multi-disciplinary artist Eliza Douglas, drum polymath Manuel Chittka, Colombia-based upcoming label signee Aeondelit, experimental composer Martina Lussi and sound artist Nicolas Melmann.

The compilation was put together in a time of turmoil and uncertainty for artists and music, and the music errs between doom and destruction and glistening hope.

Entangled invites the curious to a deep, tense but rewarding listen.

The artwork was contributed by the multidisciplinary artist Jan Durina.

*ALL PROCEEDS will be donated to Sea-Watch e.V., a non-profit organization that conducts civil search and rescue operations in the Central Med.*

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