Album artwork for Unlock The Box

Unlock The Box Philipp Gorbachev



Release date: June 27, 2016
Cat No: PG TUNE A 001 D
Barcode: 880319782718
Digital Album
Philipp Gorbachev’s sophomore solo album continues the narrative of his previously released trilogy on Cómeme, and serves as the inaugural LP on his own PG TUNE imprint. From imaginary places like The Delta, down to the dirty District, and with reverence for the heritage of the Russian avant ­ garde, ‘Unlock The Box’ pictures a static and demodulated dance floor. Welcome to the 5th New Century.

Finding ourselves in a confusing time, the essential urge and necessity to communicate love becomes as exhausting as hunting for diesel in Mad Max. The remains of global capitalism’s overkill and marginal religious fanatics merge together as the ultimate threat to the human experience and can remind us that things can so easily spin out of control. We are also reminded of our elemental humanity; the need for love and dedication to each other, which can be so easy to forget when we lock our own boxes.

‘Unlock The Box’ embodies the sound of a passionate young human being forced to create new tools to secure human existence in the future. In the 5th New Century, only one rule counts: love is limitless.

With the recording process involving a wide range of digital and analog instruments, PG approached the album with his signature hybrid production. Similarly, his lyrics travel between both English and Russian, continuing the innovative linguistic style from the ‘Silver Album’.

Early versions of these tracks have been field tested during a Russian PG tour last year, and take inspiration from the morning dance floor vibes and feelings. These experiences helped shape the concept of #DAYTIMERAVING: not a time of day, but an attitude. That light which shines independently from day or night, on a dancefloor and outside of it.

Love is the message

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