Album artwork for Unravel

Unravel Bendejo



Release date: July 6, 2015
Cat No: Adig32
Barcode: 880319723810
For our latest delicacy we have Vienna, Austria's Bendejo AKA Benedikt Palier. This release is full of enough raw emotion, beauty and full on trippiness to rid the world of all its evil doing. Dirty drum machines, deep synths, grand pianos and strings rule this release. Not your ordinary techno record has for sure. What makes it so exciting is Benedikt plays real piano and strings on these tunes and is able to switch it up from the obvious techno programming. Stellar work. On remix duties we have the legendary Freaky Chakra remixing "Landscapes" into a super punchy house number for anytime dance floor use. We have Montreal's Stefny turning the title track "Unravel" into a wandering game of fantasy. Last but not least we have label boss Kenneth James Gibson AKA Reverse Commuter giving 2 treatments to "Unravel", both heavy with ambience, a sort of nod to the Orb's earlier material. Another Adjunct release not to be missed in any form!

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