Album artwork for Up Out Of It

Up Out Of It Yola Fatoush

Release date: April 29, 2013
Cat No: Time No Place 009
Barcode: 880319632112
Simultaneously elusive and earnest, Yola Fatoush's deconstructed electronic art-pop thrives off duo's infatuation with implementing opposing textures and dynamics: loud/quiet, tense/soothing, male/female, major/minor, austerity/chaos, positive/negative, conflicted/resolved - embracing the elements at odds.

Up Out Of It is a wildly diverse offering, evoking a feeling of ascent though the tension. The secular gospel and murky dub techno structures that unfold on the opener "Eagle Works" set you up for an album of original zig-zagging pop informed by futurist club sounds drawing upon mutant strains of dancehall, Chicago house, contemporary R&B, ballroom, juke, and pre-So Solid UK garage.

In the deepest part of album's valley lies their Robert Owens cover, "I'm Chained", transforming the club track into something abstracted yet deeply soulful. The pace picks up again with the Balearic leaning "Come Forward" before the energy peaks with the 2-steppin R&B-pop of "Vibrant" and the chaotic rhythms turned nervous circuit funk of "Strix Nebulosa".

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