Valley Road (We Are 1)

Release date: November 18, 2013
Cat No: SPC-114
Barcode: 804297711416
Sold Out
You don't have enough fingers on one hand to count the number of Tadd Mullinix's musical aliases. Often does an artist want to explore disparate genres, and sometimes they try by releasing under various project names. Rarely does this ever work, but it's part of Mullinix's growing legacy to consistently pull it off with tact, empathy and exuberance. Tadd's acid warrior alter ego, JTC, returns to Spectral Sound – a label he's been a part of for at least a decade – and with it comes an onslaught of house and funk to fill up a dancefloor. "Valley Road (We Are 1)" has a classic Detroit sound that could easily find its way into Mike Huckaby or Rick Wade's DJ bags, and includes the assurance that "together we are one." After the intense and dark Creep Acid 2xLP that came out on Nation in 2011, it's impressive to see the former Mr. Cotton return with something so fun and buoyant. The DJ QU remix is a perfect accompaniment, coating the original version's classic New York house elements with a deeper, hypnotic tribal rhythm that can be heard at QU's late-night warehouse sets where Queens meets nowhere. "Alpha Helix" closes out the B-side of the record with a heavy dose of acid, but JTC keeps up with the anthemic good vibes from the single's A-side. Playful synths, hand claps, and crisp syncopation spin around the occasional and intentionally incomplete lyric of "your body," making it move in time. It's a solid effort from JTC, completing another piece in the mysterious and brilliant jigsaw puzzle in his expanding discography.

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