Album artwork for Vapor trails EP

Vapor trails EP Edu Imbernon & Raxon

Release date: December 13, 2019
Cat No: SYST0126-6
Barcode: 4250101409226
9,20 €
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Edu Imbernon and Raxon: this collaboration was only a matter of time…

Both based in Spain, both crafting some remarkable immersive and expressive electronica, both working on some of the most forward-thinking labels in their field. Both making their full Systematic debut right here, right now.

Two men, two tracks, two distinct sounds and narratives: ‘Vapour Trails’ takes the lead with a distinctive rolling drum arrangement that drives the track into unknown. Built up layer by layer, there’s a cool sense of mystique where key elements such as the guitar line and main chords are held back until midway when the beakdown and main pay-off bring everything together dramatically.

‘Betera’, meanwhile, taps into a brighter, more emotive sound that celebrates the Systematic signature Romboy and his troupe have developed over 15 years. Powerful, evocative and not afraid to writhe in the melodic side of techno, we guarantee this will be warming a lot of hearts and souls on dancefloors over the colder months ahead. Beautiful!

We hope a future collaboration is only a matter of time, too…

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