Album artwork for Vapors Unfold

Vapors Unfold Uxile

Release date: November 24, 2023
Cat No: UGD-011
Barcode: 4250101462344
Digital Album
Vapors Unfold, the debut album of Uxile (a moniker of Unguarded co-founder Philipp Hülsenbeck), presents itself as an all-encompassing confluence between off-kilter post-club and electro-acoustic sensitivities. Oscillating between Berlin and Mexico, accumulated impressions from both locales are deftly composed and fully felt on this 8-track LP.

Multiple portals burst open simultaneously right from the get-go, deceivingly commencing with the sound of a string ensemble poisedly adjusting its overtones before plunging headfirst into a galvanizing synergy with Mexican artist Dilery. The dancer and vocalist is also featured on a more brief later track ("Fury Life, Yawn"), which juxtaposes glistening rimshot drumming and sombrous piano chords with a voice that appears to have undergone a deltaed transformation––as if its life force had been altered. Often traversing several genres within the span of just a few bars, Uxile’s music is replete with contorted vocal samples and hard-hitting beats, exuding a visceral curiosity and innate drive for transformation. Take "Loose Brakes I," for instance, a pounding patter of tightly coiled drum and synthesizer layers that seem to co- exist in a plethora of dimensions at once. "Begging for Feedback," on the other hand, is a collaboration with the American rapper Old Grape God and perhaps the most straight-forward track of the record, exemplifying Uxile’s version of gut-deep dub, wringing unlikely inflections out of a familiar sound. By and large, Vapors Unfold undoubtedly emerges from the depths of a quick-witted mind, one somewhat resisting to put the brakes on but gracefully forging ahead in a mangled yet flourishing world.

Presaging extended realizations in live and club contexts, Vapors Unfold is Uxile’s most electronic release to date––an exciting addition to an eclectic body of work. Prior endeavors have extended to collaborations with the concert organist Michael Schönheit that culminated in a commissioned piece presented at the Leipzig concert hall, Gewandhaus. Future ventures include a feature on a compilation set forth by Colombia’s pioneering label TraTraTrax, slated for late 2023. As a curator, label manager, and producer, Uxile has been a pivotal figure in endorsing artists from the experimental electronic music scene. With Unguarded, he curates concerts, performances, and club nights for esteemed platforms such as Berliner Festspiele, Trauma Bar und Kino, and OHM that have included artists such as Unguarded label co-founder and recent Hyperdub signee Sin Maldita, bela, M.E.S.H., Dis Fig, among many more.

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