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Release date: February 9, 2015
Cat No: mmr 024
Barcode: 880319692314
8,20 €
  • qTw7j73FDQA5
  • release
The label of the confidence in things experiment-joyful funkyness, presents a debut of the completely special mood. Welcome Irisfog in the world of the noble music preservation. Lukas Rabe & Niklas Kraft are together Irisfog. The two bustling musicians and sound nerd originate from Leipzig. There they are com- mitted in different projects & volume from noise to jazz. Therefore blows also the wind of influences, which besides with hearing habits from abstract to orchestral and herbaceous are combined. Niklas Kraft trades under the name of besides under the name Talski. Its publications on the Vinyl only label Rivulet can convince dancers and lovers at the same time into a basin of full deepness bathing to go together. Deep one is here also in all four pieces more than trump. Here nothing is only no way sunrise or sunset, here the fog cannon is started up there, all the same whether she seems or not. However, where much fog is, it becomes also repeatedly sunny. In the heart above all, because the music of Irisfog also comes there. You can say in addition, it is out that belly music in a jam character with all kinds of synths, microphones, various devices and samples. There are four songs for the dark side of life, without going so far as to speak of darkroom techno. Listen for yourself...

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