Album artwork for Vengo Del Sur

Vengo Del Sur Manglus



Release date: November 4, 2016
Cat No: OLGA 004
Barcode: 880319838613
Digital Single
OLGA 004
OLGA is the conceptual label associated with leading Brazilian club D Edge. It focusses on music designed special to be heard in the futurist club and has put out three fine releases before now. The fourth one follows that path once more and comes from Manglus.

Mangles is a Uruguayan artist with an ever evolving style that takes in house and minimal techno and always focusses on an organic groove. It has seen him release on labels like Ama and Drumma and more and as a DJ he has played with kingpins like Zip, Carl Craig and Baby Ford, amongst others.

First up here is the loopy and intricate Vengo Del Sur. It is a synthetic and slippery track that really sucks you into its stripped back groove. Abstract sounds and inventive percussive hits all add charm and off kilter colour to the infectious beats. Bisback is then ever more stripped back and has watery sounds, spooky vocals and wooden hits all wrapping and warping round each other as a cyclical drum line unfolds below. It is delicate but high impact and will make for freaky moments in the club late at night. The remix comes from Brazilian Dee Bufato, an assured producer for labels like Archipel who reimagines the track as a seductive and subtle late night roller with smeared chords and groovy little loops and patterns.

This is another excellent release from OLGA that announces some fantastic South American talents to the wider world.

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