Album artwork for Violet EP

Violet EP Shield Patterns

Release date: March 9, 2015
Cat No: GZH60
Barcode: 880319706028
8,48 €
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'Violet' is the new EP from Shield Patterns. The duo released their highly acclaimed debut album ‘Contour Lines’ (5/5 in The Skinny) in summer 2014 and this follow-up EP features four brand new tracks from the Manchester-based creators of electronic dark-pop music. Violet' is a lovingly crafted progression from 'Contour Lines'. The experimentation found there has been explored further to feature samples made from clicking bones, field recordings, heavy drones and a starker approach to production. On first listen the sound is more minimalistic than that debut album but multiple layers gradually reveal themselves over time. Brentnall’s vocals were singled out for particular praise in early reviews and she has refined her vision further here, with her lyrical concerns focussing on the intimacy of bodies (“drip-feeding” and “mouths”, for example) and her voice arranged into swirling loops like those which introduce and underpin final track ‘Monument’. This is electronic music that juxtaposes warmth and cold, journeying from industrial to natural, from claustrophobic to expansive.

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