Album artwork for Vitus EP

Vitus EP Al Wootton

Release date: April 21, 2023
Cat No: OMDD 049
Barcode: 4250101455964
Digital Single
OMDD 049
We have been big fans of Al Wootton since his Deadboy days (when he featured on our “Dark Was The Night” mix cd). We were simply thrilled when he sent these two thunderous discoid dub tracks over and wanted to put them out instantly. Tried and tested danceflloor domination guaranteed.

We asked Al for a few words and he says – With Vitus and Libera I wanted to make some big, psychedelic, dubbed out, percussive, chugging disco tracks. They were so fun to make, everything was laid down live in takes, all hands on live automation on the fly using hardware synths and mostly external hardware processing, making good use of an old 80s delay unit.

I love making techno, but for me creatively its important to explore all aspects of my tastes, and I have always loved disco, dub, early house, post punk, psychedelic stuff, anything with percussion. I make a lot of stuff like this and don’t do anything with it, but with these tracks I knew I had to get them out as I felt the energy of them while I was making them.

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