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Volume One Various Artists



Release date: April 12, 2019
Cat No: DGTL 008
Barcode: 4250101403590
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After 7 strong and ranging releases by the likes of KiNK, Fort Romeau, Autarkic and De Sluwe Vos amongst others DGTL Records has set out a diverse and yet steady course. A mixture of these different sounds is all found on this Various Artists EP, with input coming from different parts of the planet. The 4-tracker consists of contributions by HAAi, Rebolledo and Paulor, Axel Boman and JP Enfant, of which three are also playing at the annual DGTL festival in Amsterdam this April. Needless to say, the EP will be available at the festival too. The Various Artist release on the Dutch label is the first in a series, so expect more to come. HAAi is up first on the EP with her track ‘Drumting’. The Australian born, London based DJ and producer has enjoyed a rapid rise to prominence over the past few years, most recently winning the title of the BBC’s ‘Most Essential Mix of 2018’ for her contribution to the world- renowned mix series. ‘Drumting’ channels a similar energy to that found in her warm up sets, with a danceable yet steady rhythm underpinning her characteristic globally-influenced blend of electronic and acoustic elements. The typical driving and sturdy sound of Mexico’s Rebolledo and Paulor is evident on the A2 side of the EP. Their ‘The Fog and the Forest’ is almost like an LCD Soundsystem song without the lyrics due to the sturdy bass line. When the captivating synths and overpowering guitar chords drag you further into the foggy forest there’s no turning back, but why would you!? Axel Boman’s ‘Surfliner’ is one to listen to while overlooking the ocean after a warm day in the sun for sure. The emotional piano chords that are with you throughout almost the entire track, are there to hold-on to while ‘Surfliner’ takes you on a melodic and enticing trip that is best described as new-school Balearic. Another trip comes from Amsterdam’s own techno wunderkind JP Enfant. ‘Sputnik’ is a smooth but stirring ride into space loaded with hallucinogenic acid lines. Exploding into ecstasy at the edge of the universe, while the ride back to planet Earth is just as exciting as the way up. JP Enfant’s techno track is the perfect closer of the very first VA release on DGTL. Just like the previous two releases the artwork on this EP comes from the very skilled duo Boris Acket and Tim Straver.

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