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Vortices SDEM



Cat No: SKALP038
Barcode: 4250101459825
28,90 €
24,90 €
  • 6488856d7bb72
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SDEM's debut LP for Mancunian electronic music imprint Skam Records.

VORTICES 9 tracks continue SDEM's current prolific flow after a steady series of drops via his own MEDS label & other like-minded operators (CPU, Opal Tapes, Seagrave, Superpang etc..)

Informed by hiphop & computer music and steeped in Northern England's post bleep+bass mutations, VORTICES operates in its own lane, rooted as much in the by-hand manipulations of musique concrete and free improv as the studio-as-an-instrument innovations of electro, hiphop, dub and bass weighted electronica. Evolved out of hardware jams, the pieces showcased here crackle with emotion and colour, repeated plays reveal suggested and subliminal depths. Neither shackled to the grid nor enslaved to linearity, the LP expands & finesses SDEM's dynamic & forward facing approach

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