Album artwork for Wa Wu We 004

Wa Wu We 004 Wa Wu We / Sebastian Mullaert


Wa Wu We

Release date: November 27, 2020
Cat No: www004
Barcode: 4250101420764
9,20 €
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Wa Wu We is the artist alias and vinyl only label from Sebastian Mullaert. This is the fourth chapter, crafted in the Swedish woods. The first 6 episodes of the Wa Wu We label will form a collection of records, united by their significant and unique cover art and the way they’ve been recorded; this being the focus on improvising expression, resting in meditation and the nature surrounding Sebastian’s studio. All 6 of these episodes will be released as vinyl only and will be limited to 500 copies each.

THE STORY Wa... the Wu are We? Let the question appear, and dissolve in the dance! Wa Wu We is back with the third vinyl release, and like before its vinyl only. Deep jams nurtured by the Swedish woods, the home of Sebastian Mullaert.

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