Album artwork for Waldgeschichten

Waldgeschichten Pole



Release date: October 3, 2011
Cat No: PL10
Barcode: 880319542015
8,20 €
After a long break, pole is returning in 2011.

This break was necessary for pole to find his musical direction and produce a series of new tracks, starting with this 12inch. Other music will be released later this year and in 2012.

With these three easy going and wonderful works, pole connects once more with his past. From his albums “1”, “2” and “3” via “pole” to “Steingarten”, pole rediscovers and reworks the characteristic warmth and deepness of his sound. Bass and space are at the heart of both this new release and the specially established artist label “pole.” The warm experimental atmosphere is grooving slow and easy, carried from the funk of an old rhythm machine and connected through pole´s typically endless echo chambers.

“Waldgeschichten” is the first of a series of releases that will conclude with an album at the end of 2012.

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