Album artwork for Walking Through Concrete EP (Incl. Aubrey Remix)

Walking Through Concrete EP (Incl. Aubrey Remix) Myles Sergé

Release date: May 12, 2017
Cat No: MOC 014
Barcode: 880319865916
8,70 €
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After previously exhibiting his remixing dexterity on two other occasions, Myles Sergé returns to „made of CONCRETE“ to showcase his production chops in a four track EP revealing three originals and one rework.

Firmly rooted in his hometown of Grand Rapids, a city along the legendary Detroit-Chicago axis, Sergé stays true to the musical hallmarks that made history in the scene, sketching up a contemporary soundscape with haunting old school influences. The EP unfolds as a real treasure trove, with each track digging deeper into the realms of dubbed out electronica, while masterfully blurring the lines between house and techno.

Centered around an electric resounding motif, „Rules of Engagement“ kicks in with a triangulating synth kept afloat with subtle elements and variations, anchored in a complementing yet discrete bassline.

„Everything In Darkness Comes To Light„ revolves around a funky chord progression, making for an unusual house exploration filled with whimpered vocals and eerie rustles.

Aubrey steps in on the remix, offering up a cavernous take on „Rules Of Engagement“ by inserting major distortion in the initial synth lead. An array of glitches paired with metallic synths wind up a dynamic countermelody that ultimately takes over the entire groove.

The eponymous „Walking Through Concrete“ bounces in with blunt percussion stabs paired with distant claves and clangs, gradually building up the main melodic loop.

The entire release stands as evidence of Sergé’s ability to carve melodies into cold and dark concrete-like ambiances, doling out solid slices of groove-infused techno.

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