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Release date: April 26, 2010
Cat No: Kompakt 212
Barcode: 880319045011
Kompakt 212
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Includes high-quality Mp3 download
12,80 €
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Includes high-quality Mp3 download
Walls Are A Band From London Made Up Of Members Sam Willis (Of Allez-Allez) And Alessio Natalizia (Of Banjo Or Freakout). “We Take Our Inspiration By The Sense Of Discovery, Curiosity And Playful Nature Of Our Approach To Making Music. We Have A Pastoral Take On The Natural World, Music That Has A Natural, Unique And Personal Feel - Utilizing The Best That Old / Modern Technology Has To Offer.” Kompakt Continue To Embrace Fusion Of The Rock / Dance Divide Paved On The Label By The Likes Of The Field With One Of The Most Exciting New Bands To Emerge In The Past Year - Walls. Having Met In 2009 While Allez-Allez Were Remixing Banjo Or Freakout's “Mr. No”, They Quickly Realized That The Natural Combination Of Alessio's And Guitar Play And Haunting Vocals (Dubbed By Kompakt's Michael Mayer As Being “Drugged Out Rodents”) Together With Willis' Emotive Synth Lines And Sample Manipulation Magic Was A Match Made In Heaven. An Immediately Natural Pairing, The Duo Started Swapping Sound Files, And Very Quickly With Very Little Effort Beautiful Songs Started To Emerge. With Willis Being Co-Ring Leader Of Leading London Electronic Music Blog/Event Curators/Dj Team Allez-Allez, He Leaked The Tune “Burnt Sienna” (Which Appears As A Different Variation On The Album) Onto The Internet In October Of 2009. A True Autumn Anthem Of Depth And Scope That Nme Were Fast (And Right) To Call “What 'Kid A' Would Sound Like If It Was Released By Kompakt And Had Softened Its Edges”. Having Been A Long Time Friend And Supporter For Kompakt Through Promoting On A Series Of Parties At The Legendary London Venue Plastic People, Willis Had The Label On The Edge Of Their Seats To Hear More. It Was One Of Our Easiest Signings Ever And Within A Remarkably Short Time The Label Received The Self Titled Album You Have Before You Now. “We're Particularly Influenced By Artists Such As Neu! And Harmonia - Michael Rother's Guitar Work, And Mobius And Rodelius's Synth Work Really Pushes Boundaries Yet Remains Melodic And Euphoric. It's Easy To Make Noisy And Difficult Music, What's Harder, And Feels Natural To Us Is To Make Music That Skates Along The Edges - Melodic, But With A Sense Of Sadness, Hope And Euphoria At The Same Time. Kompakt Feelslike Such A Perfect Home For Us As A Label - Emotion, Personality, Individuality, Quality Of Sound Etc. - These Are All Things We Feel About The Music Coming From The Label.” Walls Tightrope This Fine Line To Remarkable Lengths. Take “Hang Four” Where The Slo-Mo Techno Rhythm Finds An Easy Bond With Allessio's Lush Guitar Picking. “Cylopean Remains” Immediately Conjure The Potentials Of A Jam Between Animal Collective And Boards Of Canada - Rolling Beauty Combined With Epic Strangeness To The Most Cerebral Degree. Destined To Be One Of Kompakt's Most Unparalleled Releases In Their History, Walls Has A Lack Of Concern For The Boundaries Of Genre Distinction, But Easily Fit Uniquely Between The Classic “Sound Of Kompakt” And The Bliss Of Pop Ambient.

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