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Wand Aus Klang Remixe Burger/ Voigt



Release date: July 13, 2009
Cat No: Kompakt 195
Barcode: 880319040214
Kompakt 195
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“Wand Aus Klang” (KOM176) by Cologne's remarkable veteran duo BURGER/VOIGT (aka Jörg Burger and Wolfgang Voigt) went on to become KOMPAKT's unsuspecting fan favourite of 2008. They surprised the world with their departure from the typical techno they are so famed for producing, but came together compelete psychedelic bliss out. An unpredictable, unending guitar layering and looped with the dreamed out vocal mantra of the title whispered throughout. It's only fitting that producer/remix extraordinaire EWAN PEARSON, while in Cologne performing at the annual TOTAL 9 event, was chatting with Jörg Burger and professed his adoration for the song. He was quick to committing to remix the original, and having together with AL USHER as PARTIAL ARTS already evoked a Balearic embellishment with their previous 2 singles for KOMPAKT, it made perfect sense they tackle the original. In early '09 while Pearson was touring and recording the band LOST VALENTINOS (hence the contribution from band guitarist JONA MA) in Australia, they exchanged files between Usher's Finsbury Park Studio they stick to the original, and upon returning to London, finished the mix down between Usher's studio and Bath. Rather drifting than driving they have dreamed up a complete Kraut-Psych anthem - the beat is the only thing keeping this masterpiece from shooting into space. Veteran producers IVAN SMAGGHE and TIM PARIS new alias IT'S A FINE LINE have been on continuous spin in the office and in MICHAEL MAYER's sets for ages now. We here at KOMPAKT were astounded to get the call of interest and very honored to have them contribute to this very special project. Attempting to classify exactly what these London based lads are producing isn't easy and thankfully they continue to keep us confused with this mix. Utterly debaucherous disco of the upteenth kind - the repetitious kling of the klang makes this mix for a perfect set closer to drive the children of the night home to their beds with dreams of dementia revolving in their heads. Epic.
Remixe von Partial Arts Finsbury (feat. Ewan Pearson) und it's a fine line aka Ivan Smagghe & Tim Paris !

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