Album artwork for Warehouse Vol. 1

Warehouse Vol. 1 Shan

Cat No: rbshan-05
Barcode: 4250101449444
Back Soon
Enshanté! The long overdue comeback of Shan on Running Back won’t disappoint fans new and old. Correctly captioned „Warehouse Vol. 1“, the EP with six tracks isn’t a tribute to the Chicago’s legendary club of the same name (with all respect due and even if that’s almost impossible). Shan’s sixth release for his home town label is rather a nod to all the nameless industrial spaces and places that played and still play a role as shelters and fertile soil for raw and ruff dance music. More a feeling and a sound aesthetic than a concrete set of rules, you will find ingredients as diverse as breakbeats, rave signals, Italo bass lines, Virgo-esque piano notes (Shifter) and uptempo grooves that all seem to be lifted from an overdriven early nineties mixtape by an unknown DJ: before, during and after the rave. Especially Abfahrt (German slang for rave) deserves special attention for connoisseurs of proto-jungle Rage house with big stabs and a Reese bass to die for. Works like a charm at any tempo and almost any peak time. Excuse the pun, but please: Join in the Shant!

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