Album artwork for Watarase

Watarase Fumio Itabashi / Henrik Schwarz / Kuniyuki

Release date: March 19, 2021
Cat No: Studio Mule 37
Barcode: 4250101421860
Ships March 16
16,90 €
15,21 €
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High-quality Mp3 download will be sent to you on March 19, 2021
best japanese jazz pianist “fumio itabashi”,german house producer “henrik schwarz”, one of best japanese electronic music producer “kuniyuki” made the re-recording of japanese jazz classic “watarase” together in japan few years ago. they have played together at montreux jazz festival in tokyo and everyone thought we should make the record together. now finally we’re going to release this excellent record. henrik schwarz and kuniyuki made the own version. the musics are simply gorgeous!

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