Album artwork for Wawuwe

Wawuwe Sebastian Mullaert aka Minilogue

Release date: September 27, 2010
Cat No: Mule CD 019
Barcode: 880319479328
Mule CD 019
14,90 €
11,92 €
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Includes high-quality Mp3 download
Mule electronic proudly announce the first mix cd of Minilogue (Sebastian Mullaert)!! Fantastic swedish duo “Minilogue” have released from highly acclaimed labels like Cocoon, Wagon Repair, Mule Electronic and they became one of the best techno artists in the world. You know Minilogue have two faces: dance oriented music and ambient music. Sebastian Mullaert (he is in charge of djing on Minilogue) show the moody and slower side at cd1 and his peak time selection at cd2. Sebastian put many exclusive new songs of Minilogue,first solo production of himself and first collaboration track of Minilogue and Koss. Single cut of Minilogue and Sebastian solo will be released at the same time with the mix cd. Now Minilogue and Koss are working for more music and maybe we can expect their collaboration album in 2011. This mix cd is live mix without computer. The seemless computer mix is sometimes good for home listening but live mix definitely have more soul and emotion. CD1 kicks off by Sebastian's own track and he mixed his favorite psychedelic ambient house like new release of Donato Dozzy on Mule or his friend “Kab” and ”The Mole”. CD2 is faster and bit pumping and clubby sounding like a Minilogue's dance track. This mix cd is a long awaited and Minilogue's first mix cd and included the first Sebastian Mullaert solo production and long awaited new Minilogue stuff. Other exclusive material on this mix cd will be released on Mule Electronic after the mix cd is released.

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