Album artwork for We So Horny - Serious Pleasure Riddims

We So Horny - Serious Pleasure Riddims Hey-ø-Hansen

Release date: May 31, 2010
Cat No: Pingipung 19 LP
Barcode: 880319467417
14,90 €
  • J9j0Z1HVVAwc
  • release
Pingipung 19 LP
12,80 €
On "We so horny", Hey-Ø-Hansen strip down dub rhythms from the fifties up to electronic dancehall and make them up freshly in the guise of dubstep. Dub at the interface between digital and analog, and with alot of brass. With its monolithic consolidation of drums, bass, grating 80s synths, winds and echoes, the album soars above the Berlin plains like an alpine rock face.  However, the roots of Hey-Ø-Hansen's sound reach deeply into Tyrolian folk music and its peculiar off-beat, but it's their studios in Berlin where it unfolds its power. 

15 years after relocating from Austria to Berlinand putting out heaps of music on their own HeyRec imprint, Hey-Ø-Hansen come up with this extraordinary record on Pingipung. One half of the band is the extreme climber Michael Wolf. A long time ago, he quit free climbing for the music, which probably saved his life. Also, Wolf is a painter. The second part of the band is Helmut Erler. At least one generation younger than Wolf. His cosmos is more contemporary: He's been working for many years as a sound engineer for Dubplates & Mastering. It's hardly surprising that the result renders us speechless: They call it Austrodub.

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