We Walked Home Together Remix Pack I

Release date: March 9, 2015
Cat No: 0f0c0
Barcode: 880319713712
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-Limited to 200 units worldwide-

After releasing his sophomore long player 'We Walked Home Together’ through Fiakun, El_Txef_A returns with a series of remix packs, the first bringing us to the darkest side of the album. Not only is this the first remix EP part of a triptych, it’s also the start of a new label, Forbidden Colours. The Forbidden Colours label will provide a space for the Basque producer to explore and share his musical vision. The EP starts off with Eduardo De La Calle’s take on 'Claim Of Planet Earth’, pulling us through an impressive analogue journey.While the Black Madonna displays her particular vision of Italo with some serious bassline action. Permanent Vacation's Lake People turn 'Every Day Is Blue Monday’ into a mystical acid trip. The Tel Aviv based duo Deep’a & Biri reinterpretate 'Claim Of Planet Earth’ into a deep yet gentle track. Finally Andres Aguirre gives 'The Love We Lost’ brings the reworks home with a true dancefloor club mix. The vinyl release will be limited to 200 copies