What Did You Say

Release date: June 8, 2009
Cat No: SPECTRAL 071
Barcode: 804297997117
Sold Out
“How can you say you_d live without me?,” intones Lerato, the thick-voiced female speaker at the center of Alan Abraham_s new single under his Bodycode moniker, “What Did You Say?”. As the voice gradually distends and mutates into unrecognizable curliques, Lerato_s final refrain of “our minds and bodies… are all one” floats off into the middle distance - it_s a declaration of sorts, an announcement that the Berlin-based Bodycode has pulled back the whirlwind clicks _n cuts of 2006_s The Conservation of Electric Charge to reveal the tight, jacking rhythms and romantic dance- floor universalism of his second full-length, Immune. While “What Did You Say?”_s multi-layered hi-hats and bassline/kick-drum hopscotch signal Bodycode_s newly uncluttered aesthetic, B-side “Imitation Dub” (an exclusive dub version of the Immune album cut “Imitation Lover”) deepens the scope with a watery, ever-ascending organ line and a swarm of microscopic percussion pin pricks. On Baby Ford_s remix of “What Did You Say?, the legendary UK acid-house pioneer drags the tempo down to a crawl and beefs up the bass, giving the track the distant, slo-mo feel of walking underwater.

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