Album artwork for What's The Deal / Have You For My Love

What's The Deal / Have You For My Love Carol Williams

Cat No: BTBS12001
Barcode: 4250101457579
15,90 €
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Some gorgeous soulful boogie tracks right here!! The French Philippe Lecauchois, better known as "Phil Boogie Times" and Claudio Casalini, the factotum of the Italian label Best Record, teamed up with the intention of carrying on their identical passion, being devoted to Boogie, Funk, Soul and " Old School Disco". There couldn't have been a better choice to start this conjunction of passions and sharing of ideals: the first 12inch, produced by Darryl Payne in 1983, sees two precious gems such as "What's the Deal" b/w "Have You for My Love" by the charming ex Salsoul artist, Carol Williams (BTBS-12001). The other reissue of Phil and Claudio is 1984's "Come Back Lover" masterfully sung and arranged by Carl Smith (BTBS-12002). Listening to these splendid 40-year-old productions again will do good to the hearts of all the followers and fans of true soul music made in the USA. Coming on a limited vinyl edition!

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