Album artwork for Where The Rabbit Sleeps

Where The Rabbit Sleeps Sensorama


Bureau B

Cat No: BB44371
Barcode: 4015698300901
16,90 €
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32,90 €
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Compiled by Ralf Köster, DJ and curator of Hamburg"s Golden Pudel Club, "Where The Rabbit Sleeps" is an extensive collection of tracks by Sensorama, a project comprising Jörn Elling Wuttke and Roman Flügel. Working as a production team since the late 1980s in various guises such as Acid Jesus, Alter Ego and Primitive Painter, the pair also founded several labels with DJ Ata and Heiko MSO (Ongaku, Klang Elektronik, Playhouse). They released their debut album as Sensorama in 1995.

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