Album artwork for Who Dis

Who Dis Marvin & Guy

Cat No: LAD077
Barcode: 4250101468087
12,80 €
  • 65b7a46976515
  • release
After a 6-year break, a poignant love affair between Life and Death and Marvin & Guy resumes with two catchy but effective tracks that breaks a two-year hiatus from releasing original music.Minimal and purposefully crafted for dancefloors, a departure from the usual emphasis on melodies we all get used to listen from them. This record emerges organically during playful experimentation with just a bass on a synthesizer, preserving its distinctive rhythmic and harmonic changes.The girlfriend's continuous request to play "Who Dis" underscores its contagious allure. Both songs incorporate sounds like shattered glass, opening doors, a whip, and an authentic Formula 1 engine roar – all meticulously recorded specifically for these ideas. There's not really specific creative process beside having fun with synthesizers; it's simply music crafted for the joy of dancing.

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