Album artwork for Wiek

Wiek Bona Fide

Release date: March 24, 2017
Cat No: Acker 052
Barcode: 880319858819
Acker 052
8,70 €
  • 58b2576e0d87e
  • release
Acker 52 sounds like an Indiana Jones themed pinball machine. The listener is the ball that shoots through the rhythmically clicking labyrinth of the apparatus. The rich bass lines act as the electromechanically controlled levers, the flippers that accelerate it and keep it going. The percussion is the spring-loaded mechanism that re-directs it to ever new levels. This exciting pinball game as accompanied by ethereal singing and mirage-like violin play that waft through the hot air of the desert. With a variety of remixes this release makes a perfect match for many different moments of a party.

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