Winter Dance

Release date: April 21, 2014
Cat No: Vlek 15
Barcode: 880319666919
Sold Out
The Brussels-based Aymeric de Tapol is a prolific producer of audio across styles and mediums. His output is dizzyingly diverse - last year’s Méridiens Tape was constructed from field recordings made in Senegal, Mali and Istanbul; 2012’s Talking With A Dinosaur was a collection of volatile synth experiments; as one quarter of Zoho you’ll find him sculpting visceral walls of noise at a show near you. With Winter Dance, however, he’s found a sound that’s perfectly at home on Vlek. These six mossy drone compositions seem to reflect de Tapol’s interest in “climatic” music: their ingredients are simple but there is a real sense of space and life to them, as if the producer has not created them so much as simply captured them in their natural habitat. Sounds blossom, proliferate and die away, their surfaces cracked and pitted with the everyday detritus of life; even the uncanniest moments have a strangely comforting warmth to them.