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Without You Rainbow Arabia



Release date: February 21, 2011
Cat No: Kompakt 225
Barcode: 880319050213
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Averse to any easy classification, Rainbow Arabia's continent-trekking, kaleidoscope pop is rooted in no particular time or place, employing modern technological processes to an array of musical cultures and eras. The Los Angeles duo began with the purchase of a Lebanese Casio that played microtonal scales and Eastern beats, with which they quickly recorded their propulsive first EP, The Basta, synthesizing bossa nova and industrial post-punk with heavy Middle Eastern vibes. Digging deeper for inspiration from the worldly found sounds of Sublime Frequencies compilations, their follow-up EP, Kabukimono, expanded the color palette of their "fourth world" pop with dark, Arabic disco-dancehall jams sitting alongside sunnier moments with Caribbean and African flourishes.

Kompakt proudly introduces their first single from their forthcoming full length “Boys And Diamonds” (available February 28th - KOMCD88/KOM217). “Without You” brings forward their addictive jams of the past into a new stratosphere of pop music. Tiffany Preston's vocals cry out about loneliness with an undeniable passion that reflects Siouxsie Sioux's finest, however Tiffany delivers as a sincerely unique talent of her own. Cascading congos meet with beaming percussion and impulsive melody that scream dance floor drive. The B-Side features an alternative version to the original that is just as provoking and inspiring.

Brace yourself for what promises to be a big year for this already breakthrough band of 2011!

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