Album artwork for Woods, Tales & Friends (Part One)

Woods, Tales & Friends (Part One) Mollono.Bass / Kuoko

Release date: May 8, 2020
Cat No: 3000 Grad 083
Barcode: 4250101416989
Digital Single
3000 Grad 083
Three tracks, three atmospheres, three sources of inspiration: Mollono.Bass gives us a first impression of his new album. Between the meditative groove of No Silence and the voice of singer Kuoko there's a warm vibe of friendship that resonates within our hearts. The percussive rhythm of Furaha Ya Kucheza sets the pace for a reel rattling in the projector of the cinema that is our fantasy, telling an exciting story from a sun-drenched place. The ever new perspectives that open up along the melodic flow of Wild River are like looking into the green depths of a wood zipping by in the headwind of a weekend cruise.

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