Album artwork for Woods, Tales & Friends (Part Two)

Woods, Tales & Friends (Part Two) Mollono.Bass / I Am Halo

Release date: June 5, 2020
Cat No: 3000 Grad 084
Barcode: 4250101417528
It’s only three pieces of a mosaic, but like the parts of a fractal they give us a vivid impression of the width and depth of the whole thing: Another foretaste of the forthcoming Mollono.Bass album Woods, Tales & Friends. The title Twilight creates a state of mind between melancholia and hope. Are we facing light or darkness? The voice of I Am Halo reminds us that this is ‘another beginning of stories unwritten’. Then Mollono.Bass tells the tale of The Glade without using any words. Around the powerful flow of the bassline unfolds the soundscape of a lucid dream, inhabited by melodic entities and the ghosts of echoes. The third track My Way is different again. It feels like that first day in spring when we can go outside wearing only a t-shirt. It's an instant source of good mood that draws its immense catchiness from an understated deepness.

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