Wuzzelbud “kk”

Release date: June 7, 2004
Cat No: Mk CD 001
Barcode: 880319109225
13,70 €
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15,90 €
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Who knows what will actually happen to Michael Jackson’s music, when the allegations against him have been proven true? Will the public still like the music, or even listen to it? At any rate he has been on a downhill slope musically, physically and psychologically since his groundbreaking “Thriller”. His legacy, whether as a member of the Jackson Five or as a solo artist, cannot pardon the ruinous effect of his being accused of pedophilia. Hopefully the mass media never looks inside the closets of other stars, some held as heroes, and see what dark secrets lie in their pasts. Picture the following announcement: Bones found in the backyard of Aphex Twin- is he a cannibal! What then? The man responsible for the eleventh Musikkrause 12”, has neither seduced children, nor played the role of Hannibal Lecter. He only touches his electronic toys, when his appetite craves artful noisemaking. With the teaser tracks “Quetsche” and “Konkklusiv”, which are not included with the Robag Wruhme album, what you don’t find on the album comes out here. Wuzzelbud „KK“ starts off in classic Chicago Jack-style and is driven by a break and female voice sample through an intense, shuffling beat. Which, through superimposed, discordantly shining, psycho bass sounds, are refined through renewed breaks and echo sounds. The track is brought to an end through a booming bass line. „Quetsche“ is a trip to the center of the earth with a dancing Sir Capitan Wruhme at the helm. Or, perhaps cosmic “Winnetou-house”, which shows us where we all come from and eventually all must go until Manitou takes us to his kingdom. “Konkklusiv” is the bending of minimal house taken from the harmonically experimental pages of Warp and Morr music. A discreet bass line, and playful hi-hat are carry you gently on the surface, showing you how large the ocean is
Frickel-Techno Klassiker von 2004 zum Spezialpreis. Passend zur kommenden Wruhme-Sause auf Pampa.