Wuzzelbud “kk”

Release date: June 7, 2004
Cat No: MK LP 001
Barcode: 880319109119
13,70 €
  • M5FxCBM7ChBr
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15,90 €
  • T2Q73r9E5LYB
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What is the best part of a breakfast buffet? When it is so richly appointed, that everyone around the well-set table can please his own personal taste. The musical smorgasbord from Robag Wruhme leaves appetite and hunger as after-thoughts, while the pure enjoyment of the selection takes precedence. Nausea or being overstuffed aren’t a concern here. After digesting the first serving, simply help yourself to another. If it turns out you can’t handle anymore due to physical limitations, no worries, satisfy your craving for a renewed Wruhme-Buffet tomorrow. The Wruhme universe manages with a wink to equip a whole sound, with the amusement of Perlon and Herbert Manier. A completely unique, forceful techno-minimal house with substantial volume, twists, tension, longing, bass felt throughout your body along with distinctive samples bringing both listeners and dancers under his spell. For the first track, Mr. Robag uses a melody, which has been ghosting about on some data medium since 1996. Constructed perhaps for the electronica project Beefcake, the melody has subsequently been refined from the old and adapted for the new. Especially glossy, without sacrificing the identity of the album, is the title “Kick this Braunhaufen”. With only this to add: Why pay so much money for an Erykah Badu-voice, when in Germany, such voice blossoms flourish. Blossoms which are so homogenous in the digital, with jazz-besprinkled beats. The name of this particular blossom is Dehlia, you may bow. The first Musikkrause album from Robag Wruhme is an extensive table full of gifts, embellished with fine electronic ingredients full of kicking beats, homogeneity, wit and charm. Beats for your neck and limbs, sounds for the heart, sounds for the head. It is simply demanding electronic music, which is taken home from the club, while the crowd in the club are driven to a peaceful lunacy. Straightforward digital Frickelfunk, body rock for peace and laughter.
Das Aufregendste was minimale Tanzmusik derzeit zu bieten hat. Nicht mehr und nicht weniger. Das ist gut.