Album artwork for Xilo EP

Xilo EP Uncrat

Cat No: BPX018
Barcode: 4260600221977
11,20 €
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Uncrat has a healthy preoccupation with machines that make music, which fed into the development of the Xilo EP. The title cut blends stirring pad work with a taut kick drum and a menagerie of bleeps and chirps, concluding with a beautifully enchanting melody. ‘Efien’ utilises the familiar squelch of an acid line, along with unusual percussive elements and haunting progression.‘Gemini Leaks’ places rugged beats with emotionally-charged strings and an earworm melody that appears after a short breakdown. Finally ‘SIT’ loosely pays homage to DJ Rolando’s ‘Knights of the Jaguar’, with spinetingling strings sparking an overall feeling of euphoria. Bellissimo!

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