Album artwork for You? Again?

You? Again? Terre Thaemlitz

Release date: June 11, 2007
Cat No: Mule Electronic CD 007
Barcode: 880319242021
Mule Electronic CD 007
14,90 €
11,92 €
(500 Year Orbit remix by Terre Thaemlitz) Terre Thaemlitz is a resident DJ of Comatonse Recordings, currently based in Japan (Kawasaki city, Kanagawa Prefecture), after having a career in New York. He has released music under the names, DJSprinklesÅAG.R.R.LÅASocial MaterialÅATerikoÅATerre's Neu WussFusion. He has also started his own Label, released from Labels such as Mille Plateaux and Daisyworld Discs (ex-Yellow Magic Orchestra member, Hosono Haruomi). His creativity and stance in the music scene has led to many followers of his music. His new album scheduled for release, best represents Terre Thaemlitz's deeper than deep house style. Using his great gift for beautiful ambient music, he makes an album that is both dance floor friendly and a great home listening album.
Brilliante Zusammenstellung der hier in Europa kaum zu kriegenden Veröffentlichungen Terre Thaemlitz.

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