Album artwork for You Keep Me Up

You Keep Me Up Stephan Zovsky

Release date: February 3, 2017
Cat No: 3000° 039
Barcode: 880319846311
The bass is so fat and nasty, you might well break your axle when you crank up this tune on your car stereo: Stephan Zovsky conducts a bold seismic experiment with the project name You Keep Me Up. The rolling and grinding groove of this title checks all the boxes for the 'deep & dirty' category. As the middle name of Stephan Zovsky is versatility, E.S.N takes a very different direction. This track comes with a vibe like the first day of spring. Dompe bends the jacked up House groove of the original into a flowing stream of rhythmic warmth that carries the high recognition factor of the playful melody. Also there's a collaboration track with long-year accomplice Sandro Schäufler: Calling Home is boiling with energy and just the right pick for those most glorious moments on a buzzing dance floor.

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