Album artwork for Your Exile In My Mind

Your Exile In My Mind Tony Y Not

Release date: April 14, 2023
Cat No: Playrjc 088
Barcode: 4250101455179
Digital Single
Playrjc 088
Razor sharp, clean, upbeat and dark are words that pop up in Mimi von Koerber's alias Tony Y Not biography. And they're perfect as well to describe Mimi's debut for LIVE AT ROBERT JOHNSON.

One could add hypnotic, robotic, cool or even cold here as well as these adjectives also work quite well to give you an idea of the three tracks starting with the title track »Your Exile In My Mind«, a very up to date take on the Euro-Disco sounds made popular by Giorgio Moroder at the end of the 70ties. Think of »I Feel Love« - albeit without Donna Summer's sultry vocals and you're close.

Mimi's next tune »The War Is Over But The Fight Goes On« enters even darker territories - which of course makes sense considering its name. This is music for our time, music which takes you to places you might not want to go in the first place but sometimes there is no other way to go. Imagine a barely lit dancefloor at 5am in the morning and being hit by the first few beats of this track and you'll quickly realize that all you can do is to go along with the music, dive deep into it, swallow it and embrace it - and keep fightin'!

To say we've come full circle with the last track »Full Circle« is not quite what it is. Mimi's production here is way more dreamy and slightly cosmic compared to the other tunes. This one leaves you with a lot more positive thoughts after a long and dark club night but still works mighty fine to forget all your troubles over its six minutes and twelve seconds - and y not?! You might feel safe by now but let's not forget: The fight goes on …

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