Album artwork for Your Grace EP

Your Grace EP Ivory (IT)

Release date: February 7, 2020
Cat No: Connected 049 D
Barcode: 4250101413575
Connected 049 D
Milan born DJ and producer Ivory brings his eclectic mix of sounds and styles to a standout debut EP on Connected in early 2020. This exciting artist first started in music by playing the guitar in several bands, performing punk rock, psychedelia, post core and folk. In parallel to live music he developed an interest in electronic sounds and club culture, eventually leading him to become a DJ and producer. Now he mixes up analog synths, positive melodies and strong African rhythms on labels like Skatcity, Azzur Frau Blau and Isolate. Says Ivory about the release, "The relation between art and who makes it, the artist, is something really strong and definitely devoted," he says. The art pushes an artist to do something for love, to stay loyal with his grace, the miracle of translating our inner essence into something you can show and share. The ‘Your Grace EP’ is about this, devotion, passion and art. " Excellently moving opener 'Your Grace' sets a mournful tone thanks to the sombre lead synth smears and deep, introspective drums. The hypnotic 'Things We Do For Love' is more edgy, with a busy lead and warm drums run through with thundering claps and loose percussion designed to make you move, it's a slow burning but enthralling track. 'The Pack Survives' then explores more cosmic and melody grooves, with celestial keys and rolling drums sinking you into a gorgeous musical reverie. Closer 'Madena' ft Auggie is brightly lit with tense chord sequences and rumbling, tribal drums, it's filled with a sense of drama and makes for another perfect house music adventure.

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