Album artwork for Your Time is Ov3r

Your Time is Ov3r Fjaak

Cat No: SSPB020
Barcode: 4250101438929
13,80 €
  • 6188fbdd8ca7b
  • release
Though already experts in raw as you like house and techno, FJAAK manage to outdo themselves here with another blistering selection of high grade bangers for sweaty dance floors. Twisted electronics warp round a jumbled breakbeat on 'Identity' and cannot fail to get you jacked. 'Chunks' is built on a different, softer breakbeat, but overload with darkened vocals and whirring machines that hint at a dystopian future. Things get utterly unhinged on 'Falcon Punch' which is all twisted metal and motherboard meltdowns tied to a heavy techno beat and 'Your Time Is Ov3r' is contorted, coruscated and caustic techno.

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