Album artwork for Your Voice Your Choice EP

Your Voice Your Choice EP Johannes Klingebiel

Release date: March 24, 2023
Cat No: URR 007
Barcode: 4250101454967
Digital Single
URR 007
Unreel's next salvo, "Your Voice Your Choice" EP, comes courtesy of on-the-rise German producer Johannes Klingebiel. Championing a sound both ethereally deep and physics-defying, Johannes' newest oozes a fine mix of exotica-laced funk and entrancingly dynamic potency, smooth-tongued yet loaded for bear. The vapour-wafting opener "There Will Be Stuff" tackles the journey on a distinctly heightened note, fusing prog-indebted club kinetics with an heavily processed palette of effusive synth disco and lushly hued, post-trancey shades, all bound at having you zoning out in a jiffy. A weightlessly nimble number to the core, the title-track "Your Voice Your Choice" puts on a faux-organic parade of wonky programming and morphed-out vocals teleporting us to a vibrant magnetic field of sorts, where abstract shapes and playful rhythms gang up in perfect symbiosis. Gear up for a moment of utter raving epiphany on the dance floor no matter the hour of the day, as Klingebiel's silken touch reveals all its finesse and complexity. Topping off the masterclass, the explosive "More More More" lays it down in further muscular fashion, treating us to an irresistible tidal wave of steel-clad aggression at first (think the darker sibling to Paul Woolford's anthem, "Erotic Discourse"), slowly hatching into a poetic climax of hazy, sylphic house and 303-engineered squelch laced into one as bars unfold.

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