Release date: March 1, 2019
Cat No: 0f1c0
Barcode: 4250101400926
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180g Vinyl / Incl. Download card
This is album no. 11 on the Forbiddencolours label catalogue. Available in limited vinyl (+ d/l code) and digital formats from 1st March 2019.

Every song will be presented with exclusive audiovisual pieces created by different artists at &

Lyrics, ideas and sounds were exchanged at the speed of broadband with Maite (Mursego). Aiora (Zea Mays) required only two lines, executing like an emotive, humanity-filled machine. Gaizka & Ager (Audience) arrived as they always do, fitting their music into impossible spaces. Miren (Mice) voiced her heart while opening up her throat, while Rafa Rodrigo really strummed his guitar. Ainara LeGardon brought the extremes, the excitement. Our cries arrived while listening to hundreds of horses galloping across the plains, dust floating in the air behind them. The feeling of everything falling into place, finally.

All of this had just become an album. Aitor Etxebarria closed the door, elegantly. Moxal is the name given to a foal. Sensitive to the environment, the places it wanders and the beings around it. Sometimes doubtful, impatient, though always ready to listen while growing and learning to walk alone. Moxal is a project coordinated by musician and producer Hannot. After Audience, his new proposal is a space for others to inhabit.

Though wild, Moxal lets people come close, basking in the warmth, assembling things and building oneself through proximity and untamed listening.

My love wears forbidden colours My life believes
My love wears forbidden colours My life believes in you once again